The Implementation Of Kiwibike In Malacca

KIWIBIKE will be introduced in Malacca as a mean of tranportation. The collaboration between Kiwi Greentech Sdn Bhd and Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah (MBMB) makes it posibble for our company to pursue our dream in nurturing green technology as a key to unlock the economic growth. This implementation will benefit both government and the key player as well as the citizen in terms of energy saving, environment friendly and job opportunities.

Kiwi Greentech is committed to pursue the efforts by proposing few hotels in Malacca which are Eco Tree Hotel, Imperial Heritage Hotel and Seri Costa Hotel to joint venture in this project. KIWIBIKE will be located at these hotels and will be used as a mode of tranportation for the tourist and the citizen. The mobility of the people will get easier and affordable besides to upbring the usage of eco-friendly transportation in Malacca.