• Economy

    Promoting green technology as new crucial platform leading towards economic growth through jobs creation in engineering, technology and R&D.

  • Ecology

    Embracing green technology as a new light of technology to prosper the earth without tearing it down. Consume less, achieve more.

  • Equity

    Green technology as form of equity to make one step closer towards new level of development that benefits the current and next generation.

  • Connectivity

    Welcoming innovative connectivity to any modern business in providing new initiative of green technology production and be able to leverage the relationship to deliver the best solution in the market.

Welcome To KiwiGreenTech Sdn Bhd

About Us 

Kiwi Greentech Sdn Bhd has made its step towards empowering green technology in Malaysia. This significant step is taken to unlock the opportunities for economic growth by opening up new markets for green technologies, goods and services